Paris on March 22nd, 2010 - Thumbrules project : scenarios for business rules

The Ministry of Research awards the label of Young Innovative Company (JEI) to OKARA, for its works on the project Thumbrules - Scenarios for business rules.

The research works made by OKARA within the framework of the implementation of its solution of decision-making support Thumbrules intended for the business users to develop scenarios and projections on very important volumes of data allowed it to obtain the JEI label (Young Innovative Company).

The effort of R&D of OKARA such as it was presented to the Ministry of Research within the framework of the scientific file in support of the procedure, concentrated on the following axes :

- Most of the tools implementing business rules are reserved only for computer specialists and supply a level of language of " low level ". The project of R&D around the solution Thumbrules consists in implementing one semantics purely "business" by building a language of " high level " the most natural possible allowing to make generic an engine of rules.

- The novelty and the interest of the product Thumbrules lies in particular in the not necessity to restart from " a blank page " or to realize a specific program for every simulation with a language of " low level " (SQL, PL / SQL or Transact SQL, language of tools of engines of rules) to realize calculations (simulations, scenarios, projections). Actually, it is not necessary any more to realize these complex calculations almost " in the hand " by restarting every time of zero and by requiring specialists of the technique (computer specialist or statistician for example).

All these works aims at decreasing drastically the deadlines of implementation for projects involving business rules by making them compatible with the rhythm of the company and consequently to decrease the costs in it.

For the coordinator of the global effort of R&D of the company : " the obtaining of the status of JEI (Young Innovative Company) is going to allow us to pursue and to increase our efforts in R&D. We are convinced of the interest aroused by our solution in the processes of steering of the various entities of the company and more particularly in the use of rules by the experts of the businesses"

About OKARA :
OKARA is the publisher of the open-source and free (*)
solution of scenarios for business rules Thumbrules. Based on the technologies the most advanced J2EE, the universal simulator Thumbrules offers besides the following features for the business user : the publishing of simple or complex formulas to elaborate scenarios, the combination of several formulas in every scenario, the supply of results in the form of tables of databases and\or reports.

OKARA also offers provisions of a service around the
Thumbrules solution because he also exercises the activity of consulting firm and implementation of information system specialized in the expertise, the advice and the architecture of steering systems for companies.

(*) Community Edition Version - GPL v3 license.

More informations on OKARA :

Okara obtains the Young Innovative Company label

Paris on March 22nd, 2010 - Thumbrules project : scenarios for business rules

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